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Clumsyjedi: Tim's not on the clojurians slack and I haven't really heard anyone else discussing fireplace here. The best place is probably in a GitHub issue... Tim's fanatical about maintaining his projects.


Conversely, I can attempt to help, but it's been about a year since I used fireplace in anger and I never did get my setup completely ironed out...


If you're a vimmer looking for a happy home in clojure-land, I can't recommend spacemacs highly enough. Evil-mode is mature enough to support the most obscure chording and phrasing I can throw at it after a decade of vim... I'm very happy with the curated nature of the chosen elisp modules and the way they integrate with a vim workflow to boot.


And the speed and regularity of development is wonderful too




thanks voxdolo , yeah I have a very good experience with fireplace for editing clojure, but a much poorer one editing clojurescript. I’m not really looking to report any bugs to tpope or ask for features, I’m just interested in comparing notes with other vim users


I actually learned clojure under emacs and then moved back to vim, my preferred editor when I grasped the tooling well enough. I have been seriously thinking about trying emacs again to see if the cljs experience is better there, so maybe I should give spacemacs a go


I'm still not doing much cljs but I know @mattly is and is also using spacemacs. Maybe he'll chime in?


oi clums, cljs support is deffo there in cider. but it is somehow limited compared to jvm clj


same is true for refactor-nrepl (elisp features work fine)


both bozhidar and we are looking into make cljs support 1st class tho


@clumsyjedi I hear that spacemacs is basically vim, so it would be worth a try


And I mean that in the good sense


In the sense that spacemacs is the vim experience with all of the emacs benefits on top.


spacemacs is great.


everyone talks about the vim->spacemacs angle, but i'm curious about emacs->spacemacs


if that's something worth looking into


every time I do something in my REPL (run something, reset, etc) emacs keeps jumping to another buffer. Connected with Cider. Anyone seen this before? REPL can be in terminal or with Cider’s REPL.


I guess I should ask this in #C0617A8PQ actually


but not sure if it’s spacemacs or what


voidlily: as someone who accidentally ends up in emacs mode every once in a while, I can at least attest that it's easy to toggle between the modes (ctrl-z). I use a lot of readline chords while in insert mode and they all work as expected…


that's all I can really say to how emacs->spacemacs goes… the gitter is very active though, so you might try asking there:


@voidlily I have just started with Spacemacs today, having spent most of the last year with Emacs & Emacs Live (and occasionally Lighttable when teaching beginners). I found the docs very Vi focused, although most of the time you can replace SPC for M-m. The biggest change for me is using Helm which I am starting to get used to and I quite like it because it list the commands available. My current favorite thing I like about Spacemacs is the inline evaluation for Clojure, it prints => result when you evaluate forms with C-x C-e. I dont think it would take too long to get used to Spacemacs, although I havent yet looked at adding my own customisations (eg. emms, keybindings, themes, etc).


@voidlily: I've switched to spacemacs couple of months ago after using Emacs for last 3-4 years - quite like it so far. Basic Vim-like navigation is not hard to learn, but I'm already navigating through buffer much faster than ever in plain Emacs. Moving/adapting configuration from Prelude-based Emacs setup was also a breeze, the only problem is I still can't get how to automatically enable auto-fill-mode for every buffer. Default key bindings for Clojure & smartparens is OK (although getting used to leader key based bindings takes some time), there is even a special 'mode' for editing Lisp code


what about custom configs? where do you put them? i find spacemacs’ way of handling custom configs confusing


right now I'm putting all the custom configs into the .spacemacs file It has a separate dotspacemacs/config function where user-specific configs could be stored I don't have much config so that way is quite bearable. While it's possible to create a personal config 'layer', I also find creating them (not using) a bit verbose if not confusing


yep. the layers thing turned me off. in prelude you keep all your custom configs in a personal dir in .emacs.d. and that’s simpler.


@gsnewmark: what about your own custom packages that you wanna load? you put them in the .spacemacs file as well?


if it's a package from the repo you simply add its name to dotspacemacs-additional-packages inside of .spacemacs if it's a completely custom package somewhere on the disk it's probably possible to load it from the dotspacemacs/config but I didn't actually try it, so I'm not completely sure it'd work


re: the spacemacs/cljs discussion I was pinged on yesterday, I actually use a terminal repl with figwheel & weasel


for a browser repl