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Hi! I've recently been playing with reagent and react-with-addons:

[reagent "0.5.0" :exclusions [cljsjs/react]]
[cljsjs/react-with-addons "0.13.3-0"]
... trying to get CSSTransitionGroup to work. When I do what seems to be the normal thing:
(def ctg (aget js/React "addons" "CSSTransitionGroup"))
[ctg (clj->js {:transitionName "example" :transitionAppear true})
... I get first a react warning: Something is calling a React component directly. Use a factory or JSX instead. See: and then an error in util.cljs: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '__reactAutoBindMap' of null. Has anyone else seen this/does anyone have any insights? Thanks in advance.


@mikethompson: Hey, thanks, but what Matt Greer discusses in that link is exactly what I pasted above that causes the error above when using the latest versions of Reagent and React-with-addons.


Notice Matt's version ... [cljsjs/react-with-addons "0.12.2-3"]


i wonder if it is that simple?


@mikethompson: Thanks, but that's why my question was about getting it to work using a particular version. Looks like it's borked in #C06DT2YSY too:


@mikethompson: it looks like he got this version to work with Om: but applying the same approach to Reagent bumps me up against this bug (with which you are already obviously quite familiar)


It seems that the suggested answer for reagent is the addition of adapt-react-class, as per that bug thread, which I will attempt now.


^ in case anyone else happens along with the same problem, the above was the solution.


guys, where do you put form logic usually if you don't want some fields to dispatch special event? i mean if i have special checks to perform about other fields if specified fields was changed, but i want this specified field to dispatch the same event as others


in middleware?


@ul try re-frame. It handles situations like this elegantly


oh, sorry, hard day. i was sure i was asking in #C073DKH9P channel