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Morning from train in North Yorkshire somewhere.


Good morning.


Morning , just missed the bus into work. The driver is a boy racer IMHO.


@agile_geek: ooh, what you doing in God’s own county?


@paulspencerwilliams: travelling from home (Washington , Tyne and Wear) to London. Weekly commute, joy.


@agile_geek: that’s a big commute - good train company though 😉


@andrei: @mccraigmccraig there used to be a web site where you could see how projects relate to each other. As in this project depends on these projects and vice versa. Can't find the link though.


Morning @agile_geek I will ask if the Salesforce Tower is available for the event you are organising on the 18th August.


@jr0cket cheers. Going to come?


@agile_geek we can have the Salesforce tower for the evening of 18th August. What are we calling the event? I need a name to make the reservation under. I will need a first and last name for anyone who wants to attend, so that building security can be pacified. How are you going to run the registration? Google form, event rite, etc


@jr0cket: I am open to suggestion on registration (first project will be to write an event management and registration system…oh the irony!). Let’s call it the ‘Clojure Project Dojo’ unless you have a better name? Wouldn’ t be hard!


Would like to make it reoccuring event on 3rd Tuesday of the month. @jr0cket undying gratitude for sorting this for me.


How about *Clojure Conjugate* as a name for the event. I'll just create a nice looking Google form for the registration then. It's the easiest thing for me to manage


@jr0cket: Hmm name might be taken the wrong way? Clojure Collaborate? Clojure Construct? (was thinking Clojure cons for that but might think we are trying to rip ppl off?) Google form is great. Not sure what we do about food/drink. My company can stump up for first one but I can’t afford to do it every month!


Compose Clojure?


taken the wrong way? am I missing something with the conjugate... I can order some food, either pizza or tescos


Food wise Pizza works (for everyone except me but don’t worry about that as I like to be awkward!)


I like the idea of naming it around Composition (implying composing a working system from functions and composing the project from monthly episodes)?


yeah it is


@agile_geek: I created a form for the event, let me know if you want to change any of the wording. I may change the banner image to something more Clojurey...


Maybe change that first sentence to “Compose a Clojure application across several monthly meet ups.”? Form looks good. Are we setting a maximum limit on number of attendees? I am currently thinking bigger than 18 is not manageable? I was thinking 2-4 teams depending on the numbers. If it’s enough ppl for 4 teams we might tackle 2 projects (2 teams on one, 2 on the other) The event management app can probably split into multiple components, for example there is a front end - cljs? (Reagent/Om) and server side but we can probably split the components up further. So idea might be a team on front end, other on back end but we can mix up teams month to month to give ppl chance to do a bit of everything.


Use git issues for feature wish list (backlog if you like) so that we keep focus on features to implement from month to month?


@otfrom: can you add me as admin on so I can manage repo’s for this please?


@agile_geek: are you taking into account that a lot of people might drop off?


@pupeno not expecting same attendees or numbers month on month just need a small core who carry continuity. We will flex up and down depending on numbers.


I want to manage but not prevent number of PRs outside of monthly meetings to ensure everyone stays included.


I thought maybe each meet starts with backlog grooming and PR reviews?