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hi, wonder if it is possible to integrate reagent-form with re-frame


@curlyfry The latter - I'd like to react to changes to an in-memory dataset on a hosted server.


What's the minimum re-frame app size that you've been able to get with :optimizations :advanced?


I always get something around 500 kB. Would like to know if it's possible to get a lot smaller than that since 500 kB is quite big sometimes (bad mobile connections, etc)


@elahti i have the same question. size of my app is also around 550k.


@decoursin I obviously don't know your exact use case, but I'd guess "something like re-frame" is not what you need. These libraries are designed for the UI, and I don't only mean that they're implemented in cljs. They're designed around the idea of having UI components, and that you really only have one thing going on at a time. I mean, in a normal UI, you don't have 100 users clicking on different buttons at a time.


@decoursin: May be worth looking into the various Clojure CQRS / ES projects on github as the patters are related.


Also you could use Pulsars Rx namespace to rebuild the reactive/signal part of the re-frame pattern and be able to push updates to e.g. a websocket connection.


@kauko @andreas-thoelke Thank you both very much. You're right, ES is actually probably what I want. (Even though, it seems to me re-frame on the backend could be useful under certain circumstances, disclaimer I don't know the actor model.) I really like that talk by Bobby Calderwood, thanks for the link. I had known about his previous talk CQRS, but I wasn't aware of this new one. Thank you 🙂


@decoursin I wonder if you are looking for something like this: