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I was thinking you could use co.paralleluniverse.pulsar.dataflow/df-val (see as a replacement for reagent's reaction and then use re-frame on the server mostly as is: i.e. have event handlers that transition your app-db/state and have subscriptions/a signal graph with query logic listening to app-db changes and propagate those changes to the outside world (not the view layer in this case but a websocket connection or a message queue).


@andreas-thoelke nice idea, I am on the same page, in a app of mine I basically do the same with core.async but I have read so many good things about pulsar (instrumentation finally 👍), need to try it out sooner or later


is the way to go if you want to use websockets in re-frame or is there alternatives ?


@decoursin re-frame runs in CLJ and CLJS, though CLJ is mostly for testing


Theoretically if you could run Reagent in Clojure, you could pair it with re-frame