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Is there anyone else pushing for re-frame to be cljc - ready? We are retrofitting it here. Why?, you ask? Because then you can do testing of your handlers and subscriptions from clojure, using clojure.test - in the same CI environment you're already using. No need for phantom js etc.


Many of the re-frame ns's can be cljc'd super easily. We simply fake the reaction and use atom (not ratom) instead


I made that comment while looking at some Reagent code I wrote that generates hiccup using a (for) without a (doall) and is working nicely. So I changed it to a (map) which then also worked nicely. But I’ve got other projects where both ARE wrapped in a (doall) so now I'm just confused. I’m going to take a step back and see if I can puzzle out what I’m seeing and why.