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@paulspencerwilliams: My team does but I'm not that close to tests they're writing. I've used it a fair bit in the past.


@agile_geek: Cheers. I’ve resolved an issue I was receiving last week trying to convert their DataTable java objects into something a little easier to consume in Clojure.


I've got some stuff where I was using Cucumber in a Clojure project about 18 months ago. I had fun getting it to work with Kerodon (did in the end). Also submitted a PR to fix the Clojure Cucumber JVM example as it had stopped working with latest Clojure version at time.


It's got a bad rep, but it's a good tech to use when you do have non technical stakeholders in the room and need to agree what the system should do in particular situations. It's not a test tool per say though.


I often work with QA who can't write code and its useful for them if they have support from devs to write steps or they get some basic training to write a bit of the glue code


has anyone tried to use enzyme with reagent?