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Thanks @mccraigmccraig ! Any code example you can point me at? The sample todo app seems to use an atom


@javazquez: ha, so it does. naughty! have a look further down though, at the checkboxes which are using respectively props and a sub for the value of the input, and dispatching on change


@mccraigmccraig: is there a need for debounce? If so, is there a common util that folks use.. if not I am fine rolling my own


what are you thinking of debouncing @javazquez ?


@mccraigmccraig: sorry for the cryptic question. I am looking at trying to implement Typeahead with a couple of the fields using an Ajax call to the server


ah, right, so you want a last-call-wins approach... i'm currently implementing something which will do that, but it's only partially complete. i don't know of a ready-to-go solution


it looks like it’s my apps responsibility to not pass down anon functions inside of props to components if they shouldn’t rerender each frame, eh?


[component {:call-back #(…)}] will rerender constantly, but [component {:call-back my-ns-fn}] wont. is there a more convenient way to avoid this issue?