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Another +1 on spacemacs, from a lifelong vimmer.


lifelong vimmer as well, I've mainly just tweaked prelude + evil mode until it worked well enough


still have some annoyances with autocomplete and sometimes buffer search


@amashi @sveri I hear you, when Emacs starts misbehaving it can be really hard to get it to cooperate, it's a frustrating process, and I totally understand that when that happens people quickly move elsewhere. The thing is that Emacs is a huge mess, we're talking about 2 million lines of code, developed by many many people over several decades. That's not counting the few dozen MELPA packages you are likely adding. Everybody configures their emacs differently, there are massive differences in coding style and organization. In a way it's a miracle that for many people most of the time it actually works. The Emacs core team is highly dedicated to backwards compatibility, meaning a lot of stuff that should have been deleted a long time ago will be dragged along (and have to be maintained) for decades to come. So it's a mess, but there's so much functionality and so much mindshare there that there's just no way to replace it. For many people it's still by far the best coding environment they can imagine, despite its many warts. And because of that there are more and more people trying to bring Emacs into the 21st century. So you get very ambitious projects like CIDER, or Magit, or org-mode, that are really doing impressive stuff. CIDER had a few breakages in the past between updates, but it's been pretty solid from what I can tell the last year or so. And projects like Spacemacs and Prelude try to bring some more uniformity and best practices to how people set up their emacs. Anyway I'm not sure what my point is anymore 🙂 maybe "use what works for you" or "cut grandpa emacs some slack" or maybe just "I know it sucks, it really does, I'm really sorry"


@cky just to be clear, which are the Enlightened?! frogs or smurfs?! also, #clojurelogo encompasses ying yang and blue is on the downfall while green is uprising


@avabinary Enlightened is frogs, Resistance is smurfs.


excellent! I'm green!


also, #resistanceisfutile


@plexus: I totally understand your point. Its just, since I have a family and a little one my spare time is limited to a few hours / week. And its not like everytime I have one of these hours I want to code. So all in all I have very few time on my hands to do coding stuff. And if that time is taken away by trying to setup an "IDE" I dont have time to code, which is what I want to spent my time with. Regarding your sentence "that for many people most of the time it actually works". This is something I did not have happen once. I mainly tried emacs for languages that dont have decent editor support for eclipse / intellij which still is Haskell, exlixir, was clojure before cursive came around and some more I cannot remember right now. I never got it setup the way I wanted it. For some things I need visual support, project structure for instance, intellij is perfect here, ALT+1 pulls the folder menu in and SHIFT+ESC closes it. If I remember the file name I can call CTRL+(SHIFT+) N and directly type the file name. Emacs does not support such a project structure plugin (at least I have found none) and the fuzzy search in projects for file names is not nearly as good as the intellij one. It also took me some time to get it properly setup at all... Well, I dont have a point either I guess, emacs just is not for me 😄