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New version of reagent looks pretty cool


If anyone wants to test their re-frame app with the latest version of reagent (0.6.0-alpha), you'll have to use deps of [re-frame "0.7.0-alpha"] which is not yet released, but can be found in master (which means you have to clone the re-frame repo to your machine and then do a lein install to put it into your local maven repo).


Or, to put that another way: beware .... the currently released version of re-frame 0.6.0 will not work with the latest reagent 0.6.0-alpha.


@mikethompson: do you intend to use the new features of reagent in the implementation of re-frame going forward?


It looks like reagent subsumes many of the features of re-frame now


Reagent has always had reactions. There's a few new convienience functions.


I guess I’m referring to track


As I understand it, track is one of the convenience functions i talked about.


At the end of the day there's still a reaction, rerunning computations.


But I do need to look further. There may be more to it. But on first blush, I'm not sure it will make much difference to re-frame.


In fact, there are a few features that I wish Dan would put in, but none of the ones I really need are there.


Be really clear: the BIG change here is that reactions are async now and propogation through the Signal graph is based on = and not identical? That could have all sorts of implications.


track is sugar simple_smile


Yes, that change in comparison could have a huge impact is some applications


what are the reagent features you wish for @mikethompson ?


Greetings! Is this an appropriate place to ask a re-frame code organization question?


Great. I'm fairly new to cljs so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I'm attempting to write a fairly large scale web app with lots of moving pieces, most of which can be categorized into different buckets. Following the wiki's A Larger App section, it recommends breaking up sections of the app into their own subs/handlers/dbs/views. That makes sense. I'm trying to figure out the best way possible to include each package of subs/handlers/dbs/views without having a mondo (:require) in app.core. I have given each category a 'main' namespace which includes its own subs, views, and handlers, and then app.core includes each category's main namespace. Now the problem: If I (dispatch) from any app.category.main namespace, handlers required in the app.core namespace don't seem to exist yet.


1. app.core requires app.handlers which has :activate-dimmer 2. app.core requires app.category.main which calls (dispatch :activate-dimmer) 3. error: re-frame: no event handler registered for: ":activate-dimmer". Ignoring.


i'm sure i can debug this myself but i'm just curious if i'm organizing my code in the right way


@rodeorockstar: there doesn't seem anything fundamentally wrong... register-handler calls register-base which immediately registers the handler , so i hazard that you have some other problem


thanks, i suspect the same


@mccraigmccraig: issues like 201, 178 are important to re-frame.


Has anyone here built an app backed by datomic?