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Hmm, OK, that was a bit unexpected: boot show -u actually downloads all the newer versions of the libraries!


I started to work on a boot-uglify plugin ( ), since I noticed that on my final out.js file I could get a ~10% compression boost. I am still trying to get my head around how to replace the final file in the fs though.


@nha: pretty cool! the thing you wanna do there is create a directory with tmp-dir!, put the new file in it, and then add the directory to the fileset with add-resource


(optionaly using rm to remove the original from the fileset before adding the new one)


@nha: might be helpful to refer to, it creates and adds new files to the fileset


Ah I have to have a closer look at the template then, thanks simple_smile


@nha: Is that 10% on top of Closure advanced compiled JS?


@nha: You should also check the filesize after gzip with and without uglify. It's possible that Closure compressed code will compress better with gzip.


anyone using prone with boot? seems to break when no project.clj is present?


I used it with boot and it worked, but I have a generated project.clj for Cursive, so maybe that's why it did.


@martinklepsch @juhoteperi Yes with optimisations, I tested with gzipping (though that was some time ago - personal project moves slowly). I should probably retest, but I want to learn to make a plugin anyway.


Anyone want to update the homebrew recipe for boot to 2.5? (Will try a PR tomorrow if not)


@timgilbert: there isn't a new version of the boot binary yet


i want to release one soon, but wanted to let the dust settle from the 2.5.0 release and make sure all the bugs are found and fixed before doing that


Not that it will affect anyone here but I thought it might get a smile:


the existing binary will work fine with any version of boot from 2.0.0 to infinity


FW/1 is a CFML MVC framework that has a module that lets you use services (and controllers) written in Clojure alongside CFML code. We use it very heavily at World Singles. Because legacy code base.


Previously the Clojure support was via Leiningen, now it supports both Leiningen and Boot.


Cool, thanks for the info @micah


@timgilbert: the changes to the boot binary for the next release are only cosmetic, like changing the name of the main class from boot.Loader to boot.Boot, so it will show up in the OSX process manager as Boot, things like that


Gotcha. I hadn't realized it self-downloads most of its code before.


you can do boot -u anytime to update to latest stable release