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@jasongilman I just read your interview and now I’m even more excited to see your talk at Clojure/Conj. Proto-repl has made learning Clojure so much easier since I don’t have to learn something like emacs at the same time


@dorianc.b: Awesome! I'm excited to talk about it.


If you haven't seen Simple Made Easy or Inventing on Principle I recommend watching them. Even if you haven't seen them in a while. I rewatched both of them for my talk and Simple Made Easy is a classic. I appreciate it even more now.


Thanks I’ll check them out again. I have a fairly long flight to the conference


Switched from Lighttable to Atom/Proto-repl and loving it so far. Only thing that I find missing is the ability to copy the results (of running an expression) - not even in the repl tab.


@siv there's an issue filed for that. You can work around it by pretty printing the result after evaluation and you can copy it.


And looking forward to your talk at Clojure/Conj.