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Hi all cross posting this from another channel


Hi all. Trying to get protorepl working with a reframe project. Would like to enable the auto eval file option, when I do I get a bunch of warnings though. Showing errors on things like enable console print. Any tips?


@jasongilman I can use the forms from the loaded file as well, but I have to require it or use the fully qualified name


but if I switch to that namespace using (in-ns …) I can call the functions directly, so I was just wondering if there was a way to load the file and change ns in one go. I belive Cursive has this functionallity


FYI #protorepl is the main channel


@torbjornvatn: usually you can execute a block of code or a selection in a namespace and it will automatically execute in that ns. You shouldn't have to switch around the current ns of the REPL. Try out the Proto REPL demo project on github. It has things setup like to automatically load namespaces on start etc.