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By ‘quicker', I mean a way of passing arbitrary arguments to boot, without having to open a shell emulator.


There's no way to do it right now without hacking up something. Enough people have asked for this that it seems like a good addition.


In the meantime if you're up for the hacking solution I'll find the particular file.


Actually there might be a way to do it. @mikebelanger, what are some examples of commands you want to send boot?


@jasongilman thanks, I’m looking at ../lib/process/, is that where I should start?


@jasongilman I mean there’s the standard boot tasks, such as repl, cljs, and the new target task.


But boot does allow for custom tasks so it would be preferable to pass any kind command.


@mikebelanger Ah so you want a way to just send arbitrary commands like compilation etc not just to start the REPL with a different commands?


@jasongilman Yeah exactly. I know it sounds slightly out of the scope of proto-repl, but because proto-repl can already invoke boot without its repl tool, I figured it wouldn’t be too different


@jasongilman But I could see this being a whole other package too, given how open-ended boot-clj is, and what proto-repl is meant to do.


Yeah it sounds like another package would be good for this. I could see the package being completely generic from boot. It would allow tying arbitrary shell commands to atom commands and keybindings. There may be something that already does this.


@jasongilman yeah, and the Terminal Plus emulator can do that.


@jasongilman That said, you can already pass arbitrary commands to boot via the package settings of proto-repl, I believe? I’m just looking to modify that field faster.


Yeah but it's only used for starting the REPL. The settings allow customizing how you do that but not adding arbitrary commands.


@jasongilman cool thanks I’ll try that out


@jasongilman wait, when you say ‘starting the REPL’ do you mean invoking boot’s repl command? I can get Proto-repl to behave perfectly nicely with boot, sans repl command


Yes I was saying you can change which command Proto REPL calls to start the REPL with boot. It should work by default.


@jasongilman right ok, so it already works with arbitrary commands, like you said it works by default.


Maybe I’ll look at the code myself, and try and hack out what I mean. I’m not making myself clear.