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BTW @shaunlebron In case you hadn’t seen this, some interesting comments here:


Seems to have led to a bunch of issues too


Really awesome that there are instructions to set up a lot of these systems in VMs.


yeah! I have to say that I’ve enjoyed all the runnable ones so far (teletype, sedit, nokolisp). they’re very different from each other


i really wanted to try DEdit and Lispedit 😞, both seem really cool too


So no one paradigm to rule them all yet?


Very cool stuff, I can't wait to try out some of those. One that catches my eye is teletype where you edit only one expression at a time. The idea of zooming focus into and out of expressions is really intriguing.


i think ed works similarly, but for lines of text instead of expressions


that’s why i found nokolisp really interesting, it puts expressions on their own line so you can scroll through them like lines


@cfleming: working on a new paradigm


too early to be confident, but i think just simply looking at the previous state of the changed line can let us solve the balance problem for most cases


also, it might be enough to determine when to run paren mode when needed, like nightcode does with aggressive-indent behavior


Just had a little daydream... it's @shaunlebron and @cfleming teaming up to build a hundred year lisp/language/toolset and making a break from traditional editors, something truly transformational. Get the ui, tooling and community aspects right unlike efforts of the past. We just needs a large corporate sponsor willing to throw money at them for a decade or so. 🙂