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and I think if adding aggressive indent to parinfer, this case should be special handled:

(print {:a 1
       :b 2})
^-- insert ( at beginning
It should wrap whole sexp, but now, it becomes
((print {:a 1}
       :b 2))
And maybe most people are familiar with the parinfer have both Indent Mode and Paren Mode. It's there a plan to add a switcher to paren-soup?


correct, the auto indenting doesn't work when typing delimiters right now. i hope to get that working at some point, but since that is already the current behavior i don't mind waiting until later to fix it


i don't plan to add an explicit switcher because i think switching modes is not very beginner friendly. i'm trying to get most of the benefit of paren mode without ever having to explicitly switch to it


I have implemented a fuzz mode on my emacs parinfer-mode, and post the behavior and rules here. I hope this can help. However, there's still a problem, raising a sexp is still difficult in parinfer, for this is such a useful operate.


interesting, i'll look into that