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Hey guys I wonder if anyone has experience using electron-packager together with boot-cljs I’m experimenting with When building app this way:

boot build-prod target
electron-packager target/ MyApp --platform=darwin --arch=x64 --version=0.31.2
open MyApp-darwin-x64/
I’m getting on app starting (after building it with electron-packager:
Error: Cannot find module '/main.out/goog/bootstrap/nodejs.js'
and it’s because there is main.js generated which use
to require files. the problem is path.resolve(”.”) evaluates to /. do you have perhaps solution for that issue?


seems to be connected to clojurescript compiler itself - I’m moving this question to #clojurescript


working on boot-ask, a task lib for Alexa Skills Kit development in clj. lookin for help debugging. not really a boot problem, but boot makes it all possible. if interested see #aws and/or #google-cloud .


@juhoteperi I tried boot-figreload in a project with the new cljs and all good 😀


I will need to try this new way of importing node stuff but I feel good about it because we don't mingle with compiler stuff, for us it should be transparent


Also I wanted to ask what are your thoughts on supporting runtime change and reload of dependencies: figwheel does it, but I haven't needed it myself so for now it is not in boot-figreload


Also after reading it looks like boot again is a winner here because we could just add tasks that add stuff to the fileset incrementally (like process.js) before boot-cljs and when cljs core will sort things out the tasks won't be necessary anymore