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@raspasov you can do that in the callback function you pass to :send (in the reconceiler), I used a recursive go loop on timeout. Don't have to code on me, its not a om specific problem, but you may want to add the status of the callback into the global state so that all components are aware when the data has been succecfully received or declared failed.


@hlolli thank you, yes I know it’s not Om specific, and I know it can vary in different cases; but I think the approach you’re suggesting is a good general one


there are some methods in goog.XhrIo that can do this too, but in general, Im a fan of recurcion, Im a fan of recurcion.


@anmonteiro that could work thanks. - Do you know how to access that property afterwards? (cljs and clj)? This makes me think: is there a way to create an anonymous defui?


I tried (collect-statics Foo), this gives an error. But I don't know what dt stands for:


Ah just seeing the ui macro in the source.


Why would a component have a nil reactKey?


You haven't set a key? 😬