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Hey @wildermuthn this discussion between urbank and Tony sounds similar:


Question: Is a union query/component the right abstraction for a master-and-detail UI, where the details pane shows additional information about the selected item in the master list?


"You can also replace the networking in client, talk to whatever you want, and restructure it to cljs data structures on the client side” — sounds like what I’m looking at. The BE is managed by another team entirely, and isn’t going to be modified for the FE. Whether Untangled is used rather than plain Om.Next, there needs to be a middleman for us of some sort. Up until now we’ve used DataScript.


I'm seeing data-fetch/load trash ui keys after the data is merged. Any tips for where to look for the cause?


is there any reason why load-data-action doesnt accept :post-mutation-params? As a workaround i call mark-ready directly


can’t see a good reason for that, it could be it was written before post-mutation-params were it should be easy enough to add it, or just pass-through all the params here: