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stackoverflow gets a lot of questions, and has a lot of volunteer curators/moderators who try to improve and/or eliminate poorly formed questions. Not all of them agree with each other, you may not be surprised to learn.


There are likely whole articles on the topic of what "needs more focus" means, with examples, but I haven't looked.


@qmstuart If you drop a link here to the question, maybe we can provide feedback? I’ve reached that point on SO where I have sufficient rep to be a moderator for several queues — and the queues often include “test” questions to see if mods are “doing a good job” but I think a lot of the content on SO falls into a very gray area, in terms of quality, so I rarely vote to close but will often vote to require author edits to improve the question. “focus” usually means that the author appears to be asking multiple questions or hasn’t formulated the question in a clear way — possibly because they’ve provided a confusing array of supporting information that obscures their question.