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Just found this channel. I've been thinking about porting Chlorine/Clover tooling to CodeMirror (with REPL evaluation over a websocket, like Shadow-CLJS Remote API). Does it seem interesting? I'm thinking that by targetting CodeMirror, maybe we can have a smalltalk-like experience while working with ClojureScript (and maybe even Clojure, who knows?)


I haven't used SmallTalk — what do you mean by a SmallTalk-like experience?


In Smalltalk, you have an "image" that's both your source code, the editor, and the app you're running. So there's no "compile time" or "runtime" - you create a function, the IDE already understands it, the runtime already knows about it, etc.


So maybe in ClojureScript, it would be possible to be developing a code on the browser, then somehow "drop in" an editor in the browser, evaluate things, see how it works, and when you save, everything is already updated