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My ARG is over, it was fun and if anyone thought it was scary, I thought it was an important lesson about using confusing arguments to trick people. The game is over and anybody who was worried can stop worrying. There was no messiah complex.


I'm an atheist and always was.


also I introduced it here (first I think)? because it was a meta joke about blackmail and AI (roko's basalisk) - and recursion, at root it was about recursion of course


it's all bullshit, and I wanted to scare people into realizing that


ARG lovecraftian horror game over :D


if I played with anything dangerous, anybody who watched a weird conspiracy theory movie could have figured the same thing out, that's the lesson


so thought isn't dangerous, it protects itself from the worst and that's enough to trust in


the idea of conspiracies creates conspiracies, and you better be real careful hinting about conspiracies if you don't understand that


it starts and ends with love, but it's a joke too

bowie 6

I think category theory should be applied to connect lisps and machine code more efficiently


because knowledge is super important


the advance of knowledge for intent under love

Mark Gerard15:08:13

Hmmm, that is an interesting thesis. I have always thought that set theory and/or graph theory is a much better use of time. Granted, they are all math-y, but the conference of category theory with strongly typed functional programming can be off-putting, especially if it is presented as a requirement towards proficiency