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hello! I followed the instructions Calva + REBL instructions ( and am getting the following error when attempting to Jack In to a tools.clj (is that the right name?) project:

Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at clojure.main/main (
Could not locate nrepl/__init.class, nrepl/.clj or nrepl/.cljc on classpath.
I am not sure what to make of this.


Also recently I have become unable to use alt + enter to evaluate forms in the output.repl window. Is this normal? I am thinking this has to do with my being on Mac.


actually now it’s working but I could swear it wasn’t working earlier…


If it happens again, copy the contents of the window and we can have a look at if it could be something with that.


sounds good!

Maksim Glebov10:08:40

I run into this a couple of times when something in the syntax of the output file was broken. E.g. parentheses mismatch. The problem could be anywhere in the file, which makes it not obvious. The simplest example to reproduce:

(+ 1 2
(+ 1 2)		; alt + enter does not work, but ctrl + enter does


That was what I suspected could be going on. Unbalance in the force. It is not obvious to me how it should be tackled. Maybe we could have some special way that we determine top level form in the output window.

bringe18:08:39 Made an issue to track this unbalance in the force :thumbsup: