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welp now i know clojure has an inspector


Anyone know of Clojure intro talks aimed at non-Java programmers? I’m aware that Stu has given “Clojure in 10 big ideas” in some Ruby conference. Anything more?


Not really a talk but I found the conversation b/w Rich Hickey and Brian Beckman to be a good intro.


Watched the Evan talk. Enjoyed it.

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since we are talking about elm i figure its somewhat relevant


Elm is far from a panacea, but I like alot of aspects of it


yeah, saw it too

Chase20:10:06 Did you folks happen to catch this? I am intrigued by Arcadia and allowing one to use Clojure with Unity for game dev. But game dev doesn't seem to be a big aspect of Clojure development. I've seen a few talks using other tools but they were older. Things like play-cljs seem to be still being developed a bit but I'm too inexperienced to have played around with any of this. But this seems to hype up a possible exciting future of using Clojure for game-dev, no? Anyone have any insider insights?

Eric Ervin23:10:21

No insider insights. I was once at a Clojure meetup where some of these gents live coded Flappy Bird and it was a lot of fun. Definitely something I'd try if I was interested in making games.

Eric Ervin23:10:29

November 2014?!?!?! Time flies