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Here's the thing: many of these public, human-trained experiments are being intentionally misled as an act of trolling by those interacting with it, the most obvious example being Tay. That's a very different result than ambiently picking up on some sort of latent racism. Not to mention that having the web as its only source will naturally lead to a more unfiltered and ambiguously accurate source.


true, but that doesn't apply to some of the examples given in the article - the police AI for example


That opens a different discussion, but I'll give one point of note on that: Bayes' Theorem.


statistics are only as good as the data you use


anyone having problems with todoist? the website looks fine, but when I try to login, I get a 502 error


Wow, crazy:

(defn reduce
  ([f [sf & sr]]
   "var acc = run(f, runtime::first(sr), sf);
    var r = runtime::rest(sr);
    for (auto const& i : runtime::range(r))
     acc = run(f, acc, i);
    __result = acc;")
  ([f acc coll]
   "__result = acc;
    for (auto const& i : runtime::range(coll))
     __result = run(f, __result, i);"))


is there a site that dynamically generates shortest available (not registered) domain names?


although, none seem available 😆


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