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How common are jobs that don’t have “crunch time”?


My experience is that all jobs have crunch time, the real differentiation is how often it happens.


I know that I am very lucky at my job. I had 2 crunch times in 5 years. Where crunch time = working 6 hours longer on friday once and get one day free a few weeks later.


We dont work overtime here.


I feel like most of the jobs I’ve had have been so poor at managing times that 70% of the time there’s not much work to be done then 30% it’s a mad scramble to finish.


7h3kk1d : That's true for anywhere you work, really. Even outside of software. It comes from procrastination, whether that be your team, or your clients.


@jstew thanks, I was just hoping I got unlucky and would eventually find a place that operated differently.


In all seriousness, it is up to us to stand up and just work as we signed in our contract.


There’s nothing about overtime in most places with salary as far as I can tell. I’m mostly just being transparent and making it clear I’m not interested in doing insane hours.