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Yummly, a growing startup in the food tech revolution, has the perfect opportunity for a generalist backend/full-stack person. Clojure and/or Scala experience would be great! But really, this is for a solid, productive, fairly experienced, very self-motivated engineer in Redwood City, CA. Details:


Hello Again! I'm working with the founder who received 15M in funding to scale this company and hire 5 Clojure Software Engineers. There is a startup located in Palo Alto, CA looking to hire people who will work in Palo Alto. Not a virtual gig, but they WILL RELOCATE. Clojure, Docker, React, JVM, LISP. Anyone hear about KUBERNETES? COMP: 120k - 150k + equity DETAILS: -2-6 years of experience -Clojure, Docker, React, JVM, LISP, Kubernetes -Building an ETL pipeline, analyzing risk, and profitability. Insights -and analytical solutions are next on the docket! -Team is around 20 people now and going strong, coming from -places like Dropbox, Google, Harvard, and Stanford. -15M Investment. It's a start-up but its fully backed by big entities. Would love to chat with you if you want to be considered for the role. 🙂


😢 so many jobs are on site


yep, don't understand it either. we live in a globally connected world.


there's still a difference in being a team in an office though


remote can work but it's not necessarily a perfect replacement


so good option might be mix - on site people + some remote


serious question, how is the current state of affairs when relocating to USA for people coming from Europe ?


@mozinator h1b - slow, lottery, L-visa - doable, O-visa - doable but difficult, E-visa - if you have enough money, totally doable


@jiri.knesl E-visa is non-immigrant, so not for relocating, right?


@dottedmag yes, it is non-immigrant but you should consult lawyer. my lawyer proposed using E visa and told me he can solve it somehow.


FYI, there’s a #jobs-discuss channel for follow-up chatter such as this (about visas etc).