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Random amusement/annoyance: after asking in this slack for advice on file formats to get a pdf out of a chrome extension and into a sane webapp written in a sane language like (obvs) clojure, I went on a quest to figure out how to actually convert binary files to base64 in javascript for the extension end. Hours of insanity later, I have a git commit message that reads "add 30 line comment containing tirade against javascript." Which should give you a clue of how I feel about the matter.


Anyone going to be in NYC the weekend of the 22nd? I've got a spare HOPE ticket and I'm willing to trade it for a couch to crash on over the weekend.


what's HOPE about?


Thanks, whoever recommended the U2512M monitor. It's excellent 🙂


borkdude: How's f#, the vegan life treated you so far?