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Polite reminder: follow-up discussion of that book should happen in #C03S1L9DN — thank you!


FYI, added a #C1K1S09L3 channel a while back for those that would like to discuss that topic


I'm preparing a presentation proposal for EuroClojure 2016 about Clojure and GPU computing, high-performance computing, data analysis, and machine learning. If you are interested in that area, I am open to suggestions about specific stuff that you would like to be covered (regardless of whether you plan to attend the conference itself), so I can better tailor the proposal to what would potentially be most interesting to the audience. The tools/libraries that the (proposed) talk will be based on are (clojurecl, neanderthal, bayadera), but I can also cover other aspects of the topic. As this is the announcement channel, please do not reply here, but in one of these channels: #C08PLCRGT or #C08PKSV2L or #C0BQDEJ8M or #C03RZRRMP