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Good morning from Nairobi.


@swizzard: I tried to test the connection to both in java and clojure (clj-http, clj-http-lite) and the error is same for me. All I can say that the problem really is somewhere deep in java implementation. I checked the site via and it seems that any version of java is not able to connect to this website 😞


Even If I disable hostname verification it doesn’t help


@swizzard: although hard to find, the solution was actually quite simple - just install Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files:


When you enable ssl debug output you will see “Ignoring unavailable cipher suite” in output if you don’t have them already installed, check


I was mistaken because I already have them in my java home - but apparently they were wrong / obsolete. Once I installed the ciphers I am able to connect to - both from java and clj-http


This looks like that server only supports ciphers that are not available by default