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ANN: Light Table alive and kicking. Just released 0.8.0 . Next up the long overdue ClojureScript upgrade !


@rundis: Interesting. Looks like its been a lot of building new foundations


In order to workaround the nodewebkit problems (on Yosemite and later) LightTable was rebuilt on top of atom.


And Atom got renamed to Electron during that process I see simple_smile


@seancorfield: so does it support parinfer out of the box now?


I've heard from the original author of Light Table (Chris Granger) that he regretted it a bit to have written it in ClojureScript, because if he had chosen JS it's open source development would have been bigger/faster. But it seems to take off now?


@drakezhard: Not yet. Since it’s a plugin, it’s just a matter of someone in the community picking it up. I know of at least one plugin author who’s eyeing it


@borkdude: As one of the current maintainers, we definitely thing cljs is one of our biggest assets. We call that out at the end of the blog post

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:12:00

congrats on the release! nice to see all the progress.


@cldwalker: cool, happy to hear that


Thanks @alexmiller! Looking forward to reviving community interest and making LT a useful work tool


@seancorfield: what’s the deal w/ nodewebkit and Yosemite+? Is that the bug reported at ? I’d be interested in reading more about it if you happen to know of a useful article or discussion of it. Thanks!


Seeing all the different editors providing the same features I wonder if it wouldn't make sense to factor out that functionality into a common lib providing a usefule API for different frontends

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:12:32

@cldwalker: I think it's great that we have a multitude of excellent Clojure environments


@alexmiller Indeed! Any advice on engaging the Clojure(Script) community is welcome. I believe you know a thing or two about that simple_smile

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:12:53

well the #C03S1L9DN channel is here :)


@sveri there is a bit of editor functionality abstraction going on lately — see recent parinfer developments.


@sventechie: Yea, that's exactly what I mean, nice to see that


@eggsyntax: could be that bug. Not sure. Been a long time since I was a LightTable user. The symptoms were hangs and lagginess particularly in code hints and in the file browser. I switched to building LT from source on the atom-shell branch but after a few months my team just went back to Emacs.