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Steffen Glückselig11:08:12

Hi there! I am eager to playing around with ink. I don't understand what the :>is doing in the example given on the github-page for nbb... Pointers would be appreciated.


:> is a Reagent way of saying that you want to render a React component with JS args

Chris McCormick12:08:38

nbb + ink + rot.js = cljs roguelike. seems like a match made in heaven.


looking forward to an example...


@borkdude what do you think about this: ? It's an idea to make deref await for promises (it makes them seem sync). I know that the current implementation I did is probably too slow (as sci.impl.analyzer/return-call is a generated code so that it's faster for multiple arities, I suppose for performance reasons), but maybe we can find a way to make it faster if you think it's a good feature to have 🙂


Opening up another thread about the check library 🙂