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We published the camunda-clojure-plugin for a smoother integration of the java-based Camunda Process Engine in Clojure applications:

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Uncomplicate libraries have been updated to support the latest CUDA 11.4 and cuDNN 8.2.2

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I really must play with these. Would love to hear feedback from relative newbies on the software and/or the books.


Isn't it better to try for yourself? There's tons of free tutorials on my website most of them are written with beginners in mind.


I'm working on a new library for doing backups of Datomic Cloud databases. We needed it for a compliance checkbox on business continuity, and for copying (and redacting sensitive info) databases to staging environments. The library supports doing streaming-like replication of a live database, and continuous recovery, and the recovery side can filter/modify the transaction stream. I'm waiting on a verification from Clojars, but the Repo (with git sha access) is here: I'll be working on this in the coming days testing it out and improving it as I run into issues. The artifacts needed for the streaming are protocol-based, and there is an S3 and Redis version of them that I'll be using in my particular application of it.

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this is great! addresses a sorely missed functionality... we also made our own custom tx-log backup/restore in our app for complience (customer had to have offsite backups as files)


but it's good to have it as a separate tool and incremental backups is a nice feature

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)09:08:54

@U0CKQ19AQ I guess I am overlooking something basic, but won't`try` in restore-segment!

     (d/transact conn ...)
     (log/infof "Restored...")
     (catch ...))
always return nil instead of the expected {:tempids ...} due to the last expression being the log call instead of the transact call?


I had just added that to see progress 😊