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That’s very exciting that you may be able to use Swing or JavaFX UI controls — it was a relief having things like scrollbars, scrolling, textareas that wrapped text out of the box. 🙂 And having JavaFX WebView (webkit browser!) was an incredibly positive surprise! If you want, I could give you a tour of what I’ve learned about cljfx — Vlaaad has put together a fantastic gallery of 34+ examples of JavaFX apps. But having to learn a different way of assembling/composing them together, and the different event model was less fun. Would love to just use re-frame model, which I already know and understand. That would be utterly incredible, and you’d probably have a big chunk of re-frame community flocking your way.


the tour sounds great. do you have link handy?


lots to think about here. I feel like the "killer app" for membrane is building a graphical ui builder without the limitations most ui builders have (ie. limited to very specific use cases and generally lacking flexibility).


it's been tough for me to gauge how much interest there would actually be in building desktop apps using re-frame even if all the familiar components were available. the problem is that if you're coming from the web world, there would still be a lot of learning to get up to speed compared to building on top of something like electron.