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Ivar Refsdal08:09:59

ivarref/memoize-ttl {:mvn/version "2020.09.01"} is released, a tiny library that lets you cache function return values for a dynamic number of seconds.

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Cool little lib! A bit off-topic, but I thought it would be nice if namespace to require was the same as maven coordinate (e.g. (require 'ivarref/memoize-ttl)). That way both in code and in tooling I would have the same identifier which is more consistent.

Ivar Refsdal09:09:17

Thanks for the feedback. That might make sense. I've seen different styles used, I followed Maybe I will change to your suggested style later. Is there a guide for this somewhere?

Ivar Refsdal20:09:48

I've implemented your suggestion @U47G49KHQ, thanks for the input!

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slipset10:09:45 version 0.7.2 was just released. Bumping of underlying libs and exposing some more config options.

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Cool, will bump in next babashka release!