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and the interest in the clojure workshops has been good, so I’d imagine there’s a bunch of people who’d be keen to work with the language


how many companies using clojure in mek?


we have new services to build. but the team prefer scala, because of the static type.


hard to convince without solid examples


i also wonder, with dynamic type, how does the maintaince look like after the project grows over 3 or 4 years.


I've never understood the maintenance argument when it comes to dynamically typed languages. Any application of reasonable size should have a decent amount of tests and in a dynamically typed language you might just need a few more to verify the same thing. But I've never seen a project still be nice to work on after 3-4 years, dynamically or statically typed, they're always horrible.


And if you want to see a Clojure code base after 6 years of development here is a good example -