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Any way to make the highlighting of the curr arg visible here?


Hum, I thought this was working on clojure-lsp signature LSP method :thinking_face:


Oh, I see that the curr arg gets highlighted, but just not visibly


Maybe something with your theme?


I'll check how mine is


for me is not easy to notice as well, maybe we should improve the faces on lsp-ui side


oh to have the signature as popup, you need to set

(setq lsp-signature-function 'lsp-signature-posframe)
in case you wonder

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is it possible to (temporarily) disable clojure-lsp for a particular buffer in emacs? I've tried M-x lsp-mode, which claims that "Lsp mode disabled in current buffer". However, if I manipulate the buffer contents I can see that clojure-lsp is still active (it consumes my cpu cores and logs events).


Hum, not sure


Maybe ask on discord channel of lsp-mode?

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Does lsp-disconnect help?


yeah, that seems to do the trick 👍

Drew Verlee22:11:23

Will clojure lsp narrow the gap in static analysis between emacs and intelliji. I think cljs, where clj refactor doesn't work, stands to gain the most from this.


Yeah, I can't say cljs works as good as clj on clojure-lsp, but most features works the same


the refactors for example should work exactly as work with clj


i think the biggest win in my book is that you can use an incredibly dumb clojure.main repl with inf-clojure and have all the smarts in lsp rather than a more complicated nrepl setup

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David Pham22:11:12

This is quite a plus in clojureclr xD

Drew Verlee00:11:11

@U11BV7MTK i'll have to think about that. I'm not really familiar with inf-clojure


It has some warts. But it’s as thin a client as you can get. My ideal setup is just an actual repl I can reliably send forms to

Drew Verlee00:11:09

hmm. I have been using the typical nrepl setup so long i don't know what i would be giving up.

Drew Verlee00:11:41

My ongoing headache is the lack of reliable ways to do any form of searching (referenced based) or refactoring in cljs. Even lsp currently breaks in the project i'm working in. e.g find all references often just doesnt. I'm not complaining, i'm just wondering if i should switch to intelliji for work.


Feel free to open issues if you find a consistent repro or something to be improved :)

Drew Verlee00:11:53

@UKFSJSM38 I never have issues in my small projects. It's always big company projects! I talked with a coworker and he said it would be alright to maybe pair and have me drive to show you what i run into. If that works for you I'll document the next time i run into something and ping you.


sounds good to me!


The only thing I know it's not perfect/ideal yet on clojure-lsp is that sometimes clojure-lsp consider the resources folder as source-paths, showing references there where it doesn't makes sense