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Hey all, not sure if this is right place to start for this, but how would I setup a user.cljs file for the shadow-cljs repl? I'm using intelliJ/Cursive.. would also be awesome if anyone had a tip for automagically running the (shadow/repl :app) on startup, just to save my colleagues from forgetting 🙂


Personally, I’ve never used a user.cljs and hot reloading worked fine for me. Also, I tend to run shadow-cljs watch [buildname] then connect to the repl that it runs.

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a user.cljs can't do (shadow/repl :app)?


I bet it can 🙂 I'm not sure how to tell the repl to execute user.cljs


you can create a cljs/user.cljs on the classpath which the REPL include include automatically


but that still cannot execute (shadow/repl :app) so your intention of what this should be doing is unclear


I just couldn't figure out how to get the user.cljs to load at all, its not on the classpath tho so that explains it. I was also trying to figure out if user.cljs could do the init function, and failing that if there was any other way to achieve it I may not be thinking of, is all 🙂