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Question. I may want some libraries to be available during testing (in my case, citius, a performance testing library) - so I stick them into :dev-dependencies in my project.clj. So far so good, but what I'm fuzzy on is now I e.g. 1. ensure these dependencies are not included in my final artifact (some sort of jar) 2. ensure these dependencies are available if I boot a repl session


@pseud I didn't know there was such a thing as :dev-dependencies?


there's :dev {:dependencies}


afaik anything specified in there should be available during repl task and should not be included in any jar


does anyone know if it’s possible to exclude a single file from a dependency? i have a situation where multiple plugin.xml files end up on my classpath, the one that gets placed first isn’t correct


:uberjar-exclusions seems like the right thing, but as far as i can tell you can only operate on the file path, not the source path


i.e. i’d want to exclude all plugin.xml files except for the one i specify


:exclusions [ :extension "xml"] also seemed promising, but doesn’t do what I think it might