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When I run

lein new figwheel cljs-weather -- --reagent
on MS Windows 10, I'm getting this empty require form in the ns macro:
(ns cljs-weather.core
    (:require ))
Is this to be expected or am I missing something?


On an old linux machine, I get the expected

(ns cljs-weather.core
    (:require [reagent.core :as reagent :refer [atom]]))
so there's something not OK on my windows machine.


It seems to be a powershell-related issue: when running the command in a CMD-window, I also get the expected output.


Luckily I found @juergenhoetzels' post on issue 2526 In Powershell, one needs to quote the double dashes:`lein new figwheel cljs-weather '--' --reagent`