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well, I did not make progress on reducing my RAM footprint for running rewrite-cljc tests, so I took a break a tried cloud. It did quite nicely using 12.5gb of heap for native-image:

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Now that GraalVM has a LTS release, I really really hope that can be fixed/resolved in a new Clojure release.


It's now the second most popular issue on ask. Please spread the word


That gives me a 404


Yes, came across that in my travels of click-click clicking links


Fingers crossed! Here's hoping!


@dharrigan There are some open TODOs in the clj-graal-docs regarding CLJ-1472. @alexmiller said: > cleaning all this info up and making a really readable ticket would be really helpful. this is basically what I would do on this ticket ( and is a huge boost to getting it ready to screen (Alex in #graalvm) I'm not sure how a community member can clean up an existing ticket though.


If someone has exact text they want copied and pasted into a ticket, I should have permission to edit JIRA tickets. That is fine for once-a-week kinds of change frequency, but you should ask Alex Miller for JIRA account (after signing Clojure CA) if you may want to do it more frequently, or long term.


I do have a JIRA account


oh, I can just edit that issue? ok... 😛


so any suggestions/help with those TODOs is appreciated as well