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We’re hiring! I’m not sure this ad accurately says it, but we’re open to the position being remote as well. In short: scientific data + Datomic Cloud/Ions + Clojure + juggling data structures + using ML (not necessarily rolling your own models, though we’ll look for that later on as well).


hmmmm.... slack doesn't seem to know the flag for Dubai...


because Dubai is a city, UAE is the country


aaah... ok that explains it. thank you

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Like it says, we’re happy to help with relocation, or it can be remote if preferred.


We're hiring at Pitch. We're looking for experienced ClojureScript developers, on site in Berlin or remote. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to DM me here or email at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>.

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oh wunderlist


that was a useful app


what is pitch, exactly?


“We are building a cross-platform presentation tool” :thinking_face:


Yes, we're building a new collaborative presentation tool with lots of cool features. Happy to answer question via DM


Hi all! We're looking for experienced folks in the Bay area to join us at Watchful ( We're filling positions across the stack (DevOps/Frontend/Backend) - feel free to ping me for more details on any position you might be interested in. Note: We're currently looking for local folks (SF is preferred, though we're willing to work with anyone in the bay area). Watchful is a real-time stream filtration platform for making massive streams of data more consumable. Our engineering team is responsible for building a reliable distributed system that can run anywhere, process petabytes per day, and have almost no impact on latency. Our goal is to provide a powerful platform to separate signal from noise from any data in motion. We’re looking for looking for Software Engineers who are both data-driven and product-minded. If you're the type of person to get excited about owning significant portions of a system running everywhere from supercomputers to clouds, we'd love to chat. We are backed by some of the best investors in tech - Quest Venture Partners, FF VC, Haystack, and Recursive Ventures. Our stack is Clojure & Rust, and we run Kubernetes, Postgres, and Kafka in production.

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Open to hiring from a software dev agency? @shayanjm


@U785CSM1N we are looking for folks to join us full time, and we prefer not to contract the work out to a 3rd party


@shayanjm It'll help if you specify location and perhaps some more specific of skills required? (and also whether remote work is possible)


Sorry @seancorfield - let me reformat really quickly


Happy to add more detail on the positions, but didn't want to flood the channel with lots of text. Let me know what you think @seancorfield