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A recent package update on my develop spacemacs is giving the following error:

error: Unable to activate package 'ace-jump-helm-line'.
Required package 'helm-1.6.3' is unavailable
Anybody know how I can fix it? I’m a total emacs noob


It appears it is a emacs 26 issue


No idea why my dock executable emacs started executing 26 instead of 25


@drewverlee x deletes characters and d deletes lines


thanks, i must have remapped it on my old config


Anyone know offhand how to generate tags for a clj project? I usually don't bother, because CIDER handles jump-to-def etc for me, but I'm looking at a project that would be a hassle to get CIDER going on, so it'd be nice to be able to just use tags for that.


(in spacemacs or, failing that, from the CLI -- neither my ctags nor etags lists clj as a supported lang. I don't have much experience with either)


hey everyone — out of the blue whenever I enter d the entire line gets cut when I’m in normal mode. Any thoughts on what could be happening?


Possible that caps lock is on?


Otherwise, try SPC h d k to describe the key, and enter d, see what it says that d is bound to.


caps lock is not on


d runs the command evil-delete (found in evil-normal-state-map), which is an
interactive compiled Lisp function in 'evil-commands.el'.

It is bound to d.

(evil-delete BEG END &optional TYPE REGISTER YANK-HANDLER)

Delete text from BEG to END with TYPE.
Save in REGISTER or in the kill-ring with YANK-HANDLER.


Oh well, caps-lock would have been the easy case 😉


evil-delete is the right thing for it to be bound to. Do you have some text selected?


Also, just to be sure -- when you hit d and then no other keys afterward, does it still delete the line?


yeah — so for instance if is try to run d-w the entire line will delete then will shift over one word


Very weird. Does it persist after spacemacs restart?


I have a repl started so I’ve been hesitant 😅 — I’ll give it a go


I definitely get that reluctance 🙂


restarting did it. all is well in my emacs universe again — thank you @eggsyntax


NP -- that was a weird one 😜


i see a lot of people need to restart emacs to get some weird behavior corrected. i've seen others claim however (usually when talking about start up time) they start emacs up once and it's open for a month or something wild. isn't one of the benefits of emacs/lisp is you can fix this stuff on the fly? I'm not complaining, just curious and on a break. feel free to ignore.


For me it's similar to the REPL, in that I restart it a lot less as time goes on and I get more used to how to make it work for me.