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I am still looking for a Senior Clojure Developer who also dabbles in Python, Java for interesting client facing work


Data-Rx is building a new development team to re-engineer their core systems | Atlanta


@firstclassfunc: Would you consider someone who’s experienced in a different FP language? I’m mostly Scheme/Racket orientated but have played with Clojure from time to time. I have also programmed professionally for 10+ years, though mostly in Java, Ruby, and C++.


@cky cool I used to work with Kent Dybvig creator of Chez.. I think that would be fine, we mostly code in Python and Java but I am trying to bring Clojure into some projects


@firstclassfunc: Oh really! I recently met up with Chris Frisz and Andy Keep in recent meetups, surely you might have worked with either or both of them?


Yup. Worked with them both at Cisco


Ah, then you might have heard about my call/cc car plate, then. 😉


Anyway, I'd love to talk with you more about the role and see if we'd work well together. ☺️


I've known Chris for years and years. Small world.


ThinkTopic in Boulder, CO is hiring experienced software engineers. We are a small engineer-led company focused on machine learning. We work entirely in Clojure and ClojureScript. Here is the link to the job post:


@firstclassfunc: My email is <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if you'd like to get in touch via email. ☺️


(I'll be at a meetup for the next couple of hours and probably won't respond to messages during that time.)