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@cork I will be also interested, I looked at this, just couple days ago and it seemed concise


Hello. Does anyone have any advice on organizing kinda global context with re-frame? For example current locale or business object metadata. It's ubiquitous for all components yet depends on app-db. Is it ok to make every component with localizable pieces add locale subscription (sounds cumbersome and there will be huge amount of subscriptions)? Or is it ok to use app-db outside of re-frame subscriptions?


but it’s kind of an internal specific use case


If it’s super global, I don’t think it’s the end of the world if it’s outside of app-db, although maybe you could transform the data in app-db based on locale instead?


@danielcompton: transforming data based on current locale sounds wrong to me. Moreover there are different dependant parts and you have to remember to update all of them on locale change. And there are kind of two sources of truth. But making some very close to root subscriptions which depends on current state (locale/metadata) sounds ok i guess.


sure, whatever makes sense for your app


Is there a connection with re-frame and Finite State Machines?


from my understanding, it does not do it explicitely, but kind of


@fenton: re-frame is powered by an FSM


and all our apps are finite state machines, some are just more explicit about it than others simple_smile


Thanks @pepe @danielcompton I'll jump in to RethinkDB a bit more play with transforming the JSON data into Re-Frame's app-db


@danielcompton: right. Was wondering how to formalize with state tables and whatnot.