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@xlevus: usually programmers already have a roof over their heads, though…


@wyan: Not if they want to move/emigrate.


@wyan: @xlevus I was thinking that - ideal for devs who want to travel to new cities/ countries for a while. Get a part-time contract, do some work for your lodgings, have some fun. If I wasn’t too old (and already in London) I’d go for that myself simple_smile


Thinking about it, probably not a bad idea for a start-up. Kind of like an air bnb for devs who earn their keep using their skills in a load of different cities.


Yeah, like I told the guy, if I had seen that advert 5 years ago when I moved back I'd have been all over him like a rash.


hell, if I wasn't married I'd be all over it. screw paying rent.


In theory it sounds good. However, I worry about boundaries when you’re living where you work…like these "silicon valley startup houses"