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@mikethompson @gadfly361 I fix the warning for Please help me understand why it works on PC but not on mobile: 1: lein clean; lein figwheel dev 2: http://localhost:3449/ 3: click the first item 4: in the modal window pick up a different option from the list and then save, then will return to the main window 5: click the same item again, see whether the save option are them or not for pc mobile, the saved option is there since the second time click the item, it show the correct save value which is different from the original value, but on mobile, the option is still the default value no matter how I change it


@wqhhust I will try and take a look this weekend (likely wont have access to a laptop until then). How are you testing on mobile? Actually on mobile device, or through a simulator, or just resizing a browser screen?


Anyone ever used child context with reagent?


Actually I guess all I need is to be able to get access to this in the render fun


or I can just make my own I suppose


ah, r/current-component


that was surprisingly nice simple_smile