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Hi Everyone! I have been coding on my spare time for the last couple of years, mostly working with/on: • HTML/CSS • JS ◦ Plain JS ◦ React ◦ Node and Express • Mongo and Mongoose Then decided to do a 13 weeks Bootcamp and I graduated last week. It has been amazing, learnt a lot of stuff: • Docker • collaborating with Git (previously I had used to work on my own, so never came across any merge conflict 😅) • SQL • Agile • Kanban Boards • basics of Python (quick overview of Flask and Django) I have been fascinated by the various lisps since I first came across reversed-polish-notation and heard an explanation about homoiconicity (not that I could really understand it, but I got the gist of it 😆) and I have now decided I would give it a go 🥳 I am currently watching youtube videos, following tutorials, doing some exercises in Clojure. Even in javascript I try to apply functional programming as much as I can, writing many small functions and composing them, using pure functions, try not to mutate the state (easy when using redux) etc. and hope that clojure(script) will help me getting a more in-depth knowledge of the subject and I am looking forward to get enough practice to try and build a fullstack app with it/them. As I am still a beginner (not just with clojure), please be patient with me. Kindest Regards! Matteo

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Ricardo Rodriguez16:07:13

Hello there!! I'm Ricardo. I've been working as Software engineer, working mainly in OOP languages (C#, Java, Kotlin...). Last year I decided that I wanted to learn a LISP and got attracted by the Clojure way of thinking, so here I am 🙂 Currently I'm reading "Clojure for the brave and true" as a first step in the language and trying to build a simple static site generator because why not.

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Jacob O'Bryant16:07:29

static site generators are a great project!

Ricardo Rodriguez16:07:43

I have the feeling that it is going to bit a bit of a rabbit hole xD

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It's great down here. 🎩 🐇 👑 🍵

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