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#babashka-neil v0.1.36 is out! Featuring @seancorfield’s deps-new behind the neil new command. Also added neil add nrepl for adding an nrepl alias. An easy way to set up your Clojure project:

neil new --name foobar
cd foobar

neil add nrepl
clojure -M:nrepl

neil add test
clojure -M:test

neil add build
clojure -T:build uber

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Thanks to @U0CLCL6T0 who added both new features


Wow, nice! Does this incur JVM startup time?


Do you mean new ? Nope, it runs in bb :)

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I’ve released version 0.3.1 of, a framework for structurally scraping whole sites in Clojure. Get it from Clojars: {skyscraper/skyscraper {:mvn/version "0.3.1"}} Changes in this release: • Backwards-incompatible API changes: ◦ parse-fn is now expected to take three arguments, the third being the context. The aim of this change is to support cases where the HTML is known to be malformed and needs context-aware preprocessing before parsing. Built-in parse-fns have been updated to take the additional argument. ◦ Cache backends are now expected to implement in addition to CacheBackend. Built-in backends have been updated to include no-op close methods. • Optimization: Skyscraper no longer generates indexes for columns marked with :skyscraper.db/key-columns when creating the DB from scratch. There is also a new option, :ignore-db-keys, to force this at all times. • Skyscraper now retries downloads upon encountering a timeout. • Bug fixes: ◦ Fixed dev/scrape misbehaving when redefining processors while scraping is suspended. ◦ Fixed scrape mishandling errors with :download-mode set to :sync. ◦ Fixed an off-by-one bug in handling :retries. ◦ Retry counts are now correctly reset on successful download. The Closeable change is prompted by a new, experimental backend that stores cached pages zstd-compressed in RocksDB. It’s not yet available in Clojars (use deps.edn’s git deps facility), but you can preview it here: As always, happy scraping!

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migratus 1.4.0 is out - as a tool to do data migrations for SQL databases and more, thanks @yogthos for the release: • new feature: Run basic tests against PostgreSQL using testcontainers • new feature: Circle CI matrix runner - run against multiple clojure and jdk versions • new feature: Circle CI junit reports, run tests with kaocha • bug fix: • enhancement:

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Michaël Salihi21:07:43 - A little demo web app in Clojure, using Integrant, Ring, Reitit, Selmer (and a database). • Now has build.clj and uses to build an uberjar

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