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Does Hoplon have an event that triggers immediately before a node enters or leaves the DOM?


Why I (think) I need this: I want to animate the filtering of a list, such that nodes that are not changed by the filter are smoothly transitioned to their new positions.


I found the ns in brew, which adds support for mutation observers, and it does seem like a way to implement this, in combination with requestAnimationFrame. Any insights would be much welcome. 🙏


@mdiin afaik, mutation observers are the only way, hoplon doesn't have its own hooks


Thanks, that makes sense. I was hoping there was a more idiomatic way of doing this with hoplon, though I did suspect there wasn’t.


@mdiin I would recommend the css only approach with hoplon


the namespace is still under active development, feel free to reach out if you need help


From what I have read, what I want to do is not possible with CSS only, because I need to apply css to new nodes before they are rendered for the first time. Now that I write this, I realise that I used the wrong example before, because maybe CSS transitioning on top and left will be enough to animate the element positions.


I will have to think some more on this before proceeding. Thanks.


@mdiin applying css happens in hoplon before the node is rendered, the css is applied while the element is in memory, before it’s added to the DOM